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Customers On The Go!

oneToGo that is!


oneSystem puts your business on the GO with our downloadable custom apps we call,oneToGo.  Designed to seamlessly integrate with your oneNumber Customer & Operations Center and oneNet online ordering system.  This is a native App designed for the device it runs on, either Apple or Android and gives you an important advantage over a web site in that you can reach out to the customer with offers and other communications whenever you like as they are connected all   the time unless they turn of the push message functions.  Now when your customer is on the Go, you are right there with them!!   



What is a Native App?

"A native application (native app) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device."                                              


Why a Native App?

 "Because native apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that is typically installed on that platform. Because a native app is built for a particular device and its operating system, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software, meaning that native apps can take advantage of the latest technology available on mobile devices such as a global positioning system (GPS) and camera."                                                  


IBM Explains it this way...


Native apps                                                                 


The World is Mobile!

oneToGo downloads direct to your customers mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store! Taking full advantage of the limitless possibilities provided by the Internet, oneToGo will allow your customers to place orders from any Android or Apple Smart Phone even if they do not use a browser. This same technology can be applied to Kiosks and In store ordering stations that eliminate the need for Cash Registers.      




Our Loyalty Program Connects You, to Your Customer! 

oneToGo is an App, so it is active on your customers mobile phone at all times and can have built in reminders, push offers that can be made to the customer at the moment when they are making a buying decision (like Friday Night at Dinner time). Traditionally your customer is invited to opt in for these types of offers and communication in general but this gives you a direct connect to your customers.  You can also build in any number of interactive features to allow you to pamper your customers including our Loyalty Program and customized offers specifically for the customer.


Versions for Android & Apple iOS!

The world has gone Mobile, now, you can too!  Mobilize your sales, drive your customer count and ordering frequency. Be there when your customer is ready To Go!


oneToGo That is!

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