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2oneNetWorldwide2015pictThe Digital Channel!

oneNet is here! Taking full advantage of the limitless possibilities provided by the Internet,our online ordering system allows your customers to place orders from supported Internet access devices including browsers, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and mobile or cell phones.

2oneNetWorldwide2015picTechnology, Always Up To Date!

Our oneNet Web Site is fully Responsive, meaning it will automatically respond to the device your customer is using and present your menu and pages designed for the screen size on your customers digital device.  From a Smartphone to a Tablet and right up to a full Desk Top Browser, your site will be letter perfect for every customer. An intuitive user interface that allows customers to interactively build their pizzas, add their side items and beverages, and then click, pay and complete their order in a few seconds. Currently running on the Microsoft .NET platform, we conform to the idea that Quick & Simple is Good!

1uYour Own Web Site!

The customer will connect to your oneNet Web Site, create an order and transmit it directly to your oneNumber Customer Service Center and automatically move on to the store. A truly interactive experience, oneNet features your company, your logo, your menu, your look and feel. No need to be lost in an endless list of restaurants on an Internet Service. Put your name at the TOP of the list. Better yet, eliminate the list!


Click To Chat

Get connected to your customers with "Click To Chat".  When a customer has a problem and needs your help, your oneCenter agents will be there to assist the customer to resolve their problem and place their order. 


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